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Wide choice of Italian ready meals developed for the catering trade, ideal for a busy Deli or Cafeteria.

Our mission is to bring the quality of an Italian restaurant or Trattoria directly to your customer tables.

We offer a wide range of Lasagne and Cannoli from the traditional versions to specialties. Delivered either chilled with up to 40 days shelf life or frozen with 365 days shelf life.

Hot Dishes 

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Pizza and Sandwich Bases

Our pride and joy.

The best frozen pizza you will ever find. In respect of the best Italian tradition, we have developed a very light and airy dough, thanks to our partnership with Rational UK.

The bases come plain and ready to be garnished while still frozen and it goes from frozen to the consumer table in under 4 minutes, with no need of a professional Pizza oven.

Pizza are available in different size and shapes while the sandwich base comes already cut and ready to fill up.


Focaccia Bread

Selection of Traditional Focaccia Genovese to introduce you to the flavours of Liguria.

We have developed a technology that allows us to maintain all the features of artisan production whilst using the most avant-garde preservation techniques to retain all the genuine freshness of the product.

Delivered frozen, our focaccia can be either cooked directly in the oven for 5 minutes or serve after 10 minutes defrost, maintaining the same characteristics of a fresh product.


Selection of Pastry

Selection of bite size ambient desserts that combines the Italian tradition with the efficiency of a long-life product.

The traditional Sicilian Cannolo presented to you as a snack, in different flavours. Particularly, we are proud to present the Gluten Free recipe where the classic shelf has been replaced with a sweet almond waffle.

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